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IFS Classes and Supervision

Are you passionate about Internal Family Systems like I am?  Or maybe you are intrigued and want to learn more.  

I am a fully IFS certified therapist and a long time adjunct professor. I would love to help you grow on your professional IFS journey.

I am currently offering individual IFS supervision. I am also developing an Intro to IFS CEU class and will be offering IFS group supervision very soon.  If any of this sound exciting feel free to join my IFS mailing list at

or call me at 610-209-3111

Lara Krawchuk, MSW, LCSW, MPH

Certified IFS therapist

My goal is to help you be the best IFS practitioner you can be and to help you grow as a human.
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My vision:

Saving the world one part at a time.  Let's get busy healing the world together!

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