Grief Counseling:  Bereavement and Nonfinite Losses


Loss is present in every human experience.   Powerful losses may be anticipated, sudden, traumatic, or historical, and are often deeply unsettling, lonely and confusing.  Understanding the unique meaning of your important losses can be challenging, but important.  Together we will work to better understand the impact of loss in your life, how to heal, and ultimately reconstruct a meaningful life despite the pain of grief.

We use a creative mix of talk therapy and body-based therapies including: , ACT, EMDR, Guided Imagery, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Meaning Making, Mindfulness, Somatic Practices, and other creative, clinical tools to promote your growth and healing.  


Our highly respected counseling program is defined to help you deeply explore challenges to meaning and healing.  It is totally individualized.  Here we can delve deeply into old and new issues of concern, untangle sticking points to living the life you want and practice innovative practices moving you towards the healing you deserve.    

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Issues we commonly support include:

*Adoption related losses

*Addiction related losses

*Chronic sorrow 

*Coronavirus related Losses                  

*Bereavement & Mourning                           

*Dying & End of Life  Planning                  

*Divorce and Breakups                                    

*Homicide Survivorship                                  

*Infertility & Pregnancy Loss                           

*Job Loss                                                       

*Lifecycle Transitions                                     

*Living/Nonfinite Losses

*Living with Physical Illness

*Lost Hope and Dreams

*Overdose Bereavement 

*Relationship Endings

 *Sudden Death

 *Suicide Survivorship

*Unrecognized Loss/Disenfranchised Grief

*Traumatic Losses