Support Groups

We believe in the power of group support.

Cancer is both physically and emotionally challenging. You need to make sense of all thatis happening, but it is not always clear how to best do this. Some people feel very alone in the cancer experience. Often it is very helpful to join a support group where you can explore all that is happening as you navigate your unique cancer experience.


GYNEONC cancer support group ~ For women facing gynecologic cancer, currently in treatment for gynecologic cancer.

This support group is run in collaboration with Penn Medicine's CHESTER COUNTY HOSPITAL.  Call Jen Cox, RN at Penn medicine for more information.


We are currently hosting a variety of professionally facilitated grief groups on our ONLINE platform and in the offices.


This innovative, creative grief support is designed to help you better understand your grief, explore effective healing strategies, and connect with others who "get it".

Groups are first held in a one time workshop format and then participants are able to opt into an ongoing group with others who have experienced similar kinds of losses.  

For more information please contact Lara at 610-209-3111.