Loss is present in every human experience.   Powerful losses may be anticipated, sudden, traumatic, or historical, and are often deeply unsettling, lonely and confusing.  Understanding the unique meaning of your important losses can be very challenging, but important.  Together we will work to better understand the impact of loss in your life, how to heal and reconstruct a meaningful life despite the pain of grief.

We use a creative mix of talk therapy, ACT, EMDR, Guided Imagery, Internal Family Systems, Mindfulness, and other clinical tools to promote your growth and healing.

Some issues we commonly see include:

*Bereavement & Mourning                             *Living with Adoption

*Death and Dying                                            *Loss of the Life You Wanted

*Divorce and Breakups                                    *Loving someone with addiction

*Homicide Survivorship                                   *Overdose Bereavement

*Infertility & Pregnancy Loss                            *Relationship Endings

*Job Loss                                                           *Unrecognized Loss/Disenfranchised Grief

*Lifecycle Transitions                                        *Suicide Survivorship

*Living with Physical Illness                              *Traumatic Losses


Trauma comes from many sources.  It is our great honor to assist people working hard to heal form trauma!  Whether your trauma happened recently (or is ongoing) or long ago you can greatly benefit from a safe place to explore the meaning of what has happened to you, process the pain, learn ways to calm down in the face of perceived danger or pain, and explore how to live well despite past hurts.  Your emotional safety is our primary concern!  Our work together will ALWAYS proceed at the right pace for you! Together we will discover your best path to healing and well being in the shadow of trauma.

Some of the issues we commonly see include:

*Coping with Troubling Feelings, Sensations, Behaviors and/or Emotions

*Grieving Losses                                                      * Attachment Injuries

*Healing from Abuse                                               *Self-Care to Promote Well-Being

*Hope in the Shadow of Hurt                                  *Self-Regulation in Times of Distress

*Relationship Struggles                                           *Stress Management

*Making Sense of Past Hurts                                   *Reclaiming Well-Being in Everyday Living


At Healing Concepts, LLC we have a long history and deep passion for supporting individuals and families through a cancer journey.  Together we can explore the meaning of your cancer journey, sort through hurts, losses and fears, and explore hope and well-being in the context of cancer. We are Chester County's Oncology Experts. We also work with a wide range of other physical illness.


Some of the issues we commonly see include:

*Adjusting to a New Diagnosis                                     *Dementia Caregiving

*Caregiving from Near or Far                                        *Hope and Cancer

*Coping with Challenging Emotions                            *Intimacy, Sexuality and Cancer

*Coping with Grief and Sorrow                                     *Coping with Physical Pain

*End of Life Planning                                                      *Living with Recurrence

*Living Well with Cancer                                                *Relationship Stress

*Transitioning to Palliative Care or Hospice                 *Stress Management Through Illness

*Understanding Physical Illness-Related Losses

*Coping with Cancer Together-Couples & Families Finding Their Way

Diseases we frequently work with include, but are not limited to: ALS, Brain Injury and Tumors, Cancer, Dementia, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Lyme, MS, Parkinson's, Polycythemia Vera, Transplants 
We understand the deep complexity of living with chronic and life threatening illness.  Let us help you find well-being in the shadow of physical illness!  


Many people struggle with overwhelming worry and anxiety.  It can be very difficult for some people to settle their minds enough to enjoy their lives or to find clarity around making necessary changes. Our therapists help clients explore new ways to manage their anxiety and learn to live more relaxed and satisfying lives.  We offer a variety of helpful therapeutic techniques to help you find the roots of and manage troubling anxiety or overwhelming worry.

Some of the issues we commonly see include:

*Coping with Change and Transition                        *Relationship Distress

*Fears & Phobias                                                         *Sexuality Questions & Concerns

*Illness Related Anxiety                                              *Transition Anxiety

*Overwhelming Worries                                              *Workplace Stress

*Panic Attacks


We spend a great deal of our lives in the workplace.  Sometimes this setting can be the source of great confusion, stress or even pain!  Explorong your workplace challenges in a safe and nurturing environment can be extremely helpful in finding your right path or creative solutions for well-being at work. 

Lara Krawchuk was featured in the 2015 critically received documentary Portraits of Professional Caregivers and regularly runs a healing retreat called When Helping Hurts: Self Care for Helping Professionals.  She offers a wide range of workshops and continuing education classes to address staff stressors and build clinical skills for helping professionals.

Terry Sturmer has a long history in corporate world and offers a wide range of workshops to addreess complex organizational dynamics, changes and staff training needs.

Some of the issues we commonly see include:

*Bully Bosses                                                               *Professional Self-Care Struggles

*Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma            *Stress Overload

*Finding the Your Best Professional Fit                     *Workplace Change & Transitions

*Grief & Loss in the Workplace                                  *When an Employee Dies - Services of Remembrance

*Navigating Layoffs

*Professional Growth and Development Challenges

*SUPERVISION (individual and group) for LCSW provided by Lara Krawchuk*


Becoming a teenager and transitioning from teenager to young adult can be difficult times for young people and parents.  Finding the right balance between independence and dependence on family can be tricky for everyone.  Major life transitions, such as bereavement, managing heavy school demands, navigating increasingly complex social situations, preparing for college or life after college are often stressful and anxiety provoking.  Many adolescents and young adults benefit greatly from having a safe place to explore who they are now and who they wish to become.  Therapy can help to greatly reduce stress between parent and child as they wrestle with the many challenges inherent in this age group.  We deeply honor an adolescent's right to privacy in the therapeutic context, but also work with the teen to be collaborative with their parents on important issues of concern or tension.  Together we work to promote well-being in everyday living for the individual and family in this challenging time of development.  

Some issues we commonly see include:

*Anxiety and Depression                                          *Physical Illness and/or Disability in the Family

*Coping with Divorcing Parents                               *School Related Stress

*Family Stress and/or Distress                                  *Self Image Concerns

*Grief in the Family                                                    *Sexuality & gender questions, transitions & concerns

*Life Cycle Transitions                                                *Social Challenges

*Living with Losses                                                     *Transitioning & Adjusting to College

*Transitioning to Life After College

To Schedule an appointment with one of our fantastic therapists please call 610-209-3111. We look forward to working with you towards healing and well-being!

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