Trauma events and hurtful attachment experiences, in one's family of origin, can have a complex and long lasting impact on your life.  Healing on one's own is not always possible.  Exposures to unanticipated, violent or frightening events can be deeply unsettling.  Feelings of anger, anxiety, confusion, numbness, panic, and sadness are common reactions to trauma.  We will help you understand unique response to trauma, explore current challenges to well-being in everyday living, facilitate healing from past hurts and support the recreation of a meaningful life you can be proud of.  

We use a creative mix of talk and body based therapies such as  EMDR, Guided Imagery, Internal Family Systems, Meaning Making, Mindfulness, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and other creative clinical tools to promote your growth and healing.  We also offer CEU courses and classes on trauma work to professionals longing to learn more effective skills for helping.

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Some issues we commonly see include:

*Attachment Injuries

*Abuse/Neglect History

Accidents and injury         

*Adoption Injuries               

*Attachment injuries                  

*Childhood abuse.              

*Childhood neglect             

*Family dysfunction

*Medical Trauma


*Sexual Abuse History

*Sudden Illness

*Survivor of Interpersonal Violence

*Workplace Harassment/Violence

*Vicarious Trauma/Secondary PTSD