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Teens/Tweens & Young Adults

Moving towards adulthood is never easy.  We live in a complex world with many losses and stressors. Kids and young adults today are facing an increasing array of complicated challenges.  It is critical to get support and care, you can trust, LONG before things spiral out of control. Our team at Healing Concepts, LLC is here to help!  We enjoy working with young people and they love us! We use a wide range of creative, talk and body-based therapy tools to assess challenges, teach effective coping strategies and move towards wellness.  We deeply respect the confidentiality of our young clients, but also work collaboratively with parents, schools and educators to help our clients effectively navigate challenges, create a plan for healing and thrive.

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Issues we frequently explore:


Bi-polar diagnosis.            

Body Image                      




Life Transitions 

Living Losses  

Parental Illness

Parental Addiction

Physical Illness & Disability

School-Related Stress/Distress

Self-Esteem/Confidence Issues

Sexuality and Identity Concerns