• Lara Krawchuk, LCSW, MPH

Dreaming of Football

When I awoke today I needed to write about football. The sense of confusion and loss I felt upon waking is now starting to make sense. Football is about the love a daughter has for her dad who died too young, about family connection, tradition, Philly pride and trusting one’s place in the world. The virus has eroded so many “normal” markers of American Life . Uncertainty reigns supreme. Football feels like one more looming casualty. I do not know if there will be a 2020 NFL season. I do not know if we will get to the beach this summer or my kids will return to school in the fall or if we will forever wear masks when out in public. I do not know so many things!

I do know this. We are living in a world full of loss. The losses continue to mount and for so many there is an accompanying chronic sorrow. I always tell my psychotherapy clients that where there is sorrow there is a need to grieve. I tell them never to feel they have to compare their losses to anyone else’s. I think I will take my own advice. For today it feels good to name my loss, claim it, honor it, and grieve it. I might have a good cry, I might call my Uncle Steve to say “I love you”, I might sit relishing precious memories of my dad, I might just put on my favorite Eagles jersey.

Your sorrow too deserves to be heard. I promise that if you honor this part of your experience it will open space for hope and joy to flourish, as well. Please remember help is near. If you need support or ideas for tending to your sorrow do not hesitate to reach out. We can be reached at or 610-209-3111.

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