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Waiting for ....

Lately it feels like much of life is about waiting. It feels a bit like being in a state of suspended animation. I feel alive, but not...

Chronic Sorrow in the Time of COVID

It has been awhile since I wrote. I have been busy living life the best I can in these strange times. Navigating the demands of a busy...

Falling into Fall

Lately I have had the sensation of falling into a kind of dystopian landscape where many of the things I value feel under constant...


Lately I’ve been full of longing. The feeling is strong. Aching and thrumming. It feels large, too large. Like maybe it does not...

Our Teens are Struggling

Our teens are struggling. A rapidly surging virus, rising death rates, shootings, masks, endless uncertainty, social disruptions. The chao

Choosing Light

This morning I say no to the darkness. I sit in a sun filled corner of my porch and drink in light. I need it to illuminate my path going f

Graduation 2020: Celebration & Sorrow

The class of 2020 is launching in an unprecedented time. Cancelled celebrations, unclear opportunities, and lost assumptive worlds

Sorrow in a Time of Social Distancing

Today is cold, cloudy and rainy. It is a day custom built for honoring sorrow. For tears and sadness to roam free. I will do this. Tomor

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